It’s Time to Artify

Posted on:March 3, 2017



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In Hong Kong, the art scenes can be more divided into two group namely Visual Arts and Performing Arts. Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture are the main fields of visual arts that Hong Kong people are familiar with. Music, Theatre and Dance are those categorised in the field of performing arts.

For my own understanding and experiences in witness of the art scenes in Hong Kong, visual arts are mostly more foreign and strange to general public while performing arts are more “Down-To-Earth” and easier to reach out for Hong Kong people. In general, people are afraid of visiting different galleries as the matter fact that they tends to be more conservative to visual arts as we basically do not have sufficient education in nurturing people to appreciate fine arts.

On the other way around, Hong Kong people are willing to accept to keep in touch with performing arts more often as they believe they are able to understand music, theatre, movie and dance as in popular culture. That would lead the people to merely arouse their interest with a more serious art form.

Concerning these, the censorship of major mass media would be the other reason for Hong Kong people are not being able to explore new visual arts and upcoming local artists.

The media are only focus on successful artists nowadays and keep little spotlight on newly emerged talents who are born and raised in Hong Kong. This heartbreaking scenario is the obstacles for the new generation to obtain good horizons on different art scenes in Hong Kong.

The young and new artists always work in small groups and their organizational scales are far more less mobilbility.

They would only able to grow their publicity by their peer circles and internet social media to keep their journey going.

Insufficient funding and supports from major agencies and galleries would be the other factors that drive the young talents to collaborate on their owns.

So if we are looking forward to overview the art scenes in Hong Kong, I personally suggest to contact those individual groups in various categories and soon we could echo a little bit more on giving chances for the local young artist to have their exposure be seen and heard by Hong Kong people, bring local support to our new generation are important as the creative industry may be the next “jumpstart” to our economy and we should try to help them to grow up in a more mature local market here in Hong Kong.

To “artify” the general is quite a long expedition but we can meet with young soulful talents and that would be a beautiful picture to be for our beloved Hong Kong. Cheers!

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